Secret Video Ranking Factors…

TubeViperX is Premium Video Research and Ranking Software uncovering the secret video ranking factors Google is hiding from your subscribers.

  • Instantly analyze the top ranking videos to uncover the hidden ranking factors that will get your productvideos on page one. (Lite & Pro)
  • Analyze the videos in any channel to discover other niche opportunities you could be missing, and grab ever higher commissions. (Lite & Pro)
  • Check your video rankings for three major search engines at once for instant feedback on your ranking progress. (Pro)
  • Brainstorm alternate and related keywords with data from Keyword Planner, and scope out the video competition with one click. (Pro)
  • Find the profitable keywords advertisers are paying top dollar for and seamlessly STEAL their traffic with video. (Pro)
  • Create high powered YouTube backlinks to your channel that will trickle down to ramp up the authority of all your videos. (Pro)
  • Plus see how your video rankings have changed over time from the very first rank check with the new ranking history feature.(Pro)

    With this tool, you can see everything behind the scenes, the most  guarded secrets of your competitors.

    You’ll see why their video are ranking high, what their description is, how many likes, dislikes, views they have, etc.

    It even gets you those hidden tags you need!

    Getting this tool is like when Neo could read the Matrix.

    Enjoy with extreme prejudice,

    Micheal & Yvonne –


  • Free Video Training–Creating Videos For Free

    Join me as I show you what I do (and have done for the last 5 years)
    to create professional looking videos for almost any occasion without
    using expensive software or cameras. Imagine what you can do if you
    have tools like Video Maker FX or Easy Sketch Pro. I will also show you
    how inexpensive it is to host your own videos and not have to deal
    with YouTube if you don’t want to.

    I will also do a special training for anyone who purchases Video Maker
    FX and/or Easy Sketch Pro from my link below:

    Disclaimer: Since I began marketing online, I have purchased and tested
    a great many PAID software products that I currently use to make my
    video creation easier. But this training will not use any of those.

    I even created the presentation on a free platform!

    If you arrive early, please let others know that you are here, in case
    someone else could use the training. You can also share this page.

    To your success,

    Micheal Savoie
    Author – Social Net Effect: Fishing For Prospects With Social Media Marketing

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    CRAZY Video Software unleashed!

    "How on earth did you get ranked in Google so quickly?"

    That’s what my friend said when I showed him on Skype a NEW technique I was using.

    Professional Doodle videos are the hottest commodity right now in getting MASSIVE conversion rates and better still…GOOGLE LOVES THEM- in fact they are eating them up and ranking them faster than ANYTHING else out there!

    The problem is Doodle Videos are expensive  – for a 5 minute video you could pay $2000!

    Well with this new software tool ‘Easy Sketch Pro’ you can create UNLIMITED videos at the click of a button.

    Here are just some of the features:

    • Pure ‘Drag N Drop’ Interface.
    • Library of ready made images updated regularly.
    • Background sound tracks.
    • Simple to use interface (even a ‘techno dunce’ would be very comfortable with it)!
      Now there’s both good news and bad news….

    First, the good news. Originally this software was a lot more expensive. But as part of a JV Zoo ‘launch special’ Andrew & Paul are slashing the price.

    Bad news is this massive discount will expire very quickly.

    Go check it out – enjoy getting in on a  HUGE trend at ground level. 

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    Traffic Geyser Is Available Now (For A Limited Time)

    Reprinted with permission from Social Network Effect  -  Traffic Geyser Is Available Now (For A Limited Time)

    Mike Koenigs wanted me to get this message to you! This is a time limited offer and I am adding an exclusive lifetime bonus.

    This video is the 4th and final video in the Traffic Geyser 2.0 series. 

    Save days or weeks of time with Traffic Geyser

    You see…every once in a while a revolutionary new product comes along that completely transforms the marketplace…

    In 1876, the telephone was invented, changing communications forever and allowing anyone with a phone to communicate quickly and efficiently, replacing telegraph and telegrams.

    About 100 years later, the world wide web reshaped the way we think and do business, making communications and content distribution free and allowing you to buy, sell or market anything, anywhere, anytime, from any device.

    Almost a decade ago, a new product called Traffic Geyser established a way to broadcast and syndicate videos, marketing content and links to get massive amounts of free traffic by leveraging those billion dollar distribution networks with the click of a button.

    I’m happy to share that today we’ve done it again – only this time, it’s much bigger.

    And you can finally get in now on the system that is going to change marketing forever…again.

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    Grab your copy today.

    PPS – The FAST Action Bonuses include two 1-on-1 sessions where my team will build your first campaigns with you. It’s invaluable…and because of my team’s limited availability, this bonus is limited to the first who enroll today. Plus, it’s first-come, first-served so go grab your system now so you can get the help you want to get a fast start.

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    PS – I am also adding a bonus. For as long as you stay a member of Traffic Geyser, I will work with you twice a month, where we discuss your sales funnel, your ad campaigns and how you are moving forward toward your goals. This will be a one on one Skype call that we will schedule twice a month to set goals and action plans so that you can stay on task.

    If you don’t want to do it alone, this is your chance to get someone to help you get through roadblocks, set goals, take action and follow through. So go ahead and get the Traffic Geyser 2.0 package and let’s get you going by clicking on the link below.

    To claim your bonus, simply go to and let me know you have purchased TG2 (paste your receipt info so I can verify it) and let me know how to contact you.


    See For Yourself!

    Go take a look for yourself why all the top marketers are singing the praises of Easy Video Suite!

    Easy Video Suite

    Easy Video Suite

    Have you been praying for a video solution for your marketing needs? Using YouTube is nice, but it does not give you the control you need for projects where you only want your video to appear on your own site or your squeeze page.

    When you want to create video for your marketing, you need a lot of different software tools that do not always play well together. Sometimes, the quickest way to get what you want is to use one program, convert the results to another format so that another program will be able to use it, then convert it all back to the format you want when you are ready to show it to the world.

    Easy Video Suite solves all these problems and more!

    Here are some of the powerful features of Easy Video Suite

    Video recording

    Record basic screen or webcam videos in seconds and get online in seconds.

    Seamless S3 integration

    Designed to work seamlessly with Amazon S3 to quickly and securely host your videos for pennies!

    Add buy buttons & calls to action

    Explode sales by embedding "buy now" buttons, Opt in forms & CTA’s directly in your videos.

    Video pages

    Create gorgeous video pages for your videos, in seconds, all drag and drop.

    First advanced, live video marketing stats

    Use the most advanced video marketing analytics to stay on the pulse of your markeitng.

    Video conversion

    Never struggle with conversion again, one click web and mobile ready video converter.


    Create gorgeous video playlists with our drag and drop editor.

    Timed Events

    Create timed events in and around your videos to captivate your audience.

    Split testing

    Create video split tests, set performance goals in seconds and track results.


    Secure your videos url, the embed code and more with our advanced security.

    SEO features

    Rank your videos in the search engines easily with our SEO features.


    Be constantly in control, regardless of experience with our drag and drop dashboard.

    See For Yourself!

    Go take a look for yourself why all the top marketers are singing the praises of Easy Video Suite!