Get Ready For Something HUGE!

Reprinted from WSO InsidersImagine Your Kindle Dreams Coming True!

I’m not really supposed to tell you about this until tomorrow
but I am never one to do ‘exactly’ as I am told. And anyway,
this is one of the most exciting projects to come across my
desk in a LOOOOOONG time!

Do ever feel frustrated because you are not making as
much as you want online?

Is it because:

1. Absolutely nothing seems to work for you when you
actually try it?

2. You simply don’t have time to spend hours learning the
latest technique or strategy? I know about that having
built my business while working 2 jobs.

3. Your technical skills leave much to be desired?

I know these three first hand. I used to throw mud
against the wall hoping something would stick.

Some did.

Hey…we have all been there. Even Bill Gates didn’t
know how to use a computer at one stage 😉

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to send you an email which
will change all of that.

This is not about the latest new fad, strategy or technique.

This is a total game changer and something that I myself am
going to get involved in. (Pronounced income streams)…

Watch out for my email tomorrow when ‘this’ opens as
I feel this is going to be much more popular than they think.

Best Wishes,

Micheal & Yvonne –

PS. Sorry that I am being slightly vague. I have already
said more than I probably am allowed to. Open my email
tomorrow and all will be revealed. I promise!

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PPS – Are you an author? You should totally use
the Kindle platform to presell your novels. This
strategy is illustrated by the great Dean Koontz
He released a short story (The Neighbor ) on Kindle to presell
his new book The City
( ).

This ‘GOLD MINE’ is Going Like Craaaaaazy :-)

What an incredible response to yesterday’s
email!  This ‘weekend only special’ is REALLY
going like craaaaazy! 🙂

Omar Martin and Melinda have been running
one of the BEST members sites that I have
EVER seen (really) for YEARS now…

Members get unrestricted access to what I
can only describe as a ‘GOLD MINE’ of
quality software, tools, training and LIVE
weekly coaching for LIFE!

They are running a ‘weekend only special’
right now that gets  you in for JUST $37,
check it out here:

Omar actually runs you through exactly what
you get, plus you get a video tour of the
members area, so you can see what I mean
when I say that it’s a ‘GOLD MINE’!

Remember, this ‘special’ is only available for
this weekend this weekend after that you may
never be able to get in for just $37 EVER AGAIN!

Micheal –

PS – Do NOT miss this. I am serious!

Solve Other People’s Problems And Get Paid Big Bucks!

Simple Software System

You will not believe this new opportunity, this is
truly the HOTTEST selling product on Earth.
Look at this:

  • Other people create it for you
  • Other people SELL it for you
  • You keep ALL the money
  • You can sell it forever
  • Google loves it
  • It builds Massive lists
  • You can be PROUD of it

Can you guess what it is?

HINT: It’s not information, it’s not a physical product…
(although it could be) It’s not a service…
it’s not… oh heck, go see the dang answer!
Let me know what you think.

Micheal – 

P.S. The guy in the video is a friend of mine and his
story and his numbers all check out.
P.P.S. He’s funny as heck and he really did do that
thing with his uncle’s .22 (you’ll know what I mean
in a minute).
Go see this CRAZY story right now:

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Please prepare your questions prior to any session. The session is for a maximum of 15 minutes.
Sessions will be conducted via Skype (unless you live next door
Please note that bookings for the coaching session will be available from the 8th December through to December 30 2012.

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